Majestic Care of Deming Park is proud to shine the spotlight on the success story of Mel – or Duane – Sinn!

This incredible gentleman ran the Campus Ministry for 18 years, wrote a book: A Preacher Called Sinn, and had a radio show called “Angles on Angels with Sinn,” so we knew we had someone special. In the hospital and on admission, Mel was on Oxygen, and had difficulty getting out of bed or caring for himself. But he still wasn’t too excited about going to rehab. He has made amazing progress, that Mel wasn’t sure he would achieve! Just 3 weeks later, he is filled with ability, confidence, and gratitude from his experience. He says the therapy and care has been wonderful and now is able to do things he didn’t think he’d be able to do. Congratulations to Mel and his Care Team on their success!