Peggy came to Majestic Care of Battle Creek on February 23, 2022 and we are so proud of the growth she has made during her time here! Admitting into a long-term care community can be a little overwhelming, and adjusting to the new environment can take some time. Over time, Peggy has opened up and became really involved in our Majestic community. Witnessing Peggy’s improvement during her stay at Majestic Care has been wonderful, and our Care Team is so proud of her. Peggy worked so hard to reach her goal of returning home, and when she discharges- not only is she going home, but she is going home to a brand-new apartment!  

Brother Howard Warner and family stated this about Peggy’s journey: 

“We are proud of the work Peggy has done during her time at Majestic Care of Battle Creek, and while she has a long journey ahead of her, she is more than halfway there. Peggy was very sick and could not walk when she left the hospital, and it has been great to see her working hard to get back on her feet. We hated to see Peggy so sick and it’s great to see that since being at Majestic she has really put in the effort to get better.”  

Way to go, Peggy! We will miss you!