Majestic Care of Toledo is excited to share resident Rickey Lilly’s Success Story!

Five very long months ago, we admitted a “young to our population” resident who was on hospice and had not much hope of going home… Then he met our Care Team members of Majestic Care of Toledo. Rickey preferred his door shut, a quiet space to watch tv in a freezing cold room. His team of April (The unit manager and wound specialist), Karie (The rehab director), Casey (The social work director) and the rest of the team in the MVMT Rehab Center were having none of that! We set out to not only keep him off hospice, but to watch him WALK out of our community to go home. After 170 days with us, happily showing off 70 pounds less than when he came in, not only will Rickey WALK out of the community on his own, but he will also get in the driver’s seat of his car and drive himself home! When we sat down to talk to him about discharge, he was so humbled and thankful for where he is at. He spoke of therapy and couldn’t express enough thanks to how they never once gave up on him, and how every one of them pushed him in ways he thought he would never work. Many nights, the pain was unbearable; there were many days that Rickey wanted to give up, but we always believed that there was more life for him to live, and we weren’t going to let him fail himself. And fail he did not!!

Rickey’s discharge is a direct reflection of someone who was willing to put his life in the hands of strangers who never gave up on him or each other to reach one mans success. We love you, Rickey. It has been our pleasure working with you!