Deborah Shain has always been a caring and loving woman. She spent many years working as a traveling CNA for a home health company. While she was caring for people on the job, she was also showing her love to her husband and her children. Deborah states that her family is the most important thing in her life, and they are her driving force!  

As time went on, she began to need behavioral care. It was a very difficult time for her, causing her many different challenges. It made it difficult for her to understand things clearly, resulting in extreme agitation. She needed caregivers that had the patience and experience- that’s when she came to Majestic Care of Sheridan! 

She then began to work diligently with our team of specialists and supportive family, and started to see a real change. Deborah states, “The people here are like my family and I love them all!”

Now, she walks around with a smile on her face. We are so thankful, Deborah, for allowing us to be part of your journey! We wish you the absolute best.