Majestic Care of Sheridan is thrilled to shine the spotlight on resident Yu Dongyue’s Success Story!

 Yu Dongyue was born in Liuyang, a city in Hunan of China. He is the former arts editor of Liuyang Daily. After the Tiananmen protests of 1989, Yu Dongyue had suffered the outcome of his protest and needed medical treatment and recovery. In 2009, Yu Dongyue and his sister fled together out of the country. The United States granted them political asylum and they were settled in a town of Indiana. As time went on, he began to have a need for behavioral and dementia care. It was then he came to Majestic Care of Sheridan. It was here that he found a home. Everyday despite his past, he walks the halls with a smile. Even though he feels blessed to be at Sheridan, we feel blessed to have him here! Congratulations to Yu Dongyue and his Care Team on their success!