Majestic Care is proud to feature our Vice President of Clinical Operations, Bryanna Wegner. Bryanna is an outstanding leader and practitioner, bringing over 25 years of experience as a nurse. She oversees clinical services for all Majestic Care communities.

Her journey to becoming a nurse started as a teenager. “I started out as a nursing assistant when I was 16 years old, and decided I was going to go to nursing school. I worked in long term care as a CNA, as an LPN, went back to school, got my RN, then my Bachelor’s Degree, and my Master’s Degree.” Additionally, Bryanna is a nursing home administrator. 

She says “I have always been called to long term care.” Why long term care? She enjoys connecting with residents on a deeper, more personal level.

“I worked in acute care for a few years and got some great skills, but I always missed just really getting to build that relationship with a resident, get to spend some time, know their story, their family, and really become a part of their lives.”

This week, National Nurses Week, is an opportunity to recognize the many amazing nurses who serve our residents each day. In the face of challenge, nurses stepped up and remained committed to providing the highest quality of care to residents. 

“I think this year, celebrating our nurses is more important than ever. With what our Care Team Members have battled for the last 15 months. They have shown up every day to take care of our residents. They made sure residents have the care that they need and deserve.”

Bryanna has seen Majestic Care grow for the last two years, helping to build the culture of appreciation and respect for our nurses and all care team members.  “I love our culture, and our care team member first culture. We take care of those that take care of others. We really live that culture out.”

She adds, “I’m really fortunate to get to work with this team of regional clinicians, Directors of Nursing, and frontline nursing teams. They really are an amazing group of caregivers. They come to work every day and give their best. I really feel honored to lead this team.”

Bryanna, thank you for your dedication to our residents and Care team!